Welcome to the Housing Office!
The Housing Office offers furnished accommodation in Groningen for foreign guests of one of the Universities. If you come to our city to study or work at either the University of Groningen (RUG) or the Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Groningen (HG) you are welcome to apply for housing with our organization. You can choose between a room in one our fourteen International Student Houses or a room/apartment in the private sector. For a short film about us please click here.

Short stay contracts
We offer rooms in our International Student House based on short stay contracts. This means that guests can rent accommodation with a stay of either 5 months or 10 months with a possibility to extend the rental contract up to 12 months. These rental periods are equal to the semesters of the universities. T
he rental period you apply for should always correspond with the duration of your educational programm (up to a period of one year). All contracts start from the first day of any month and end on the last day of a month. For more information about the possible rental contracts, please click here

If you choose housing in the private sector you will sign a rental agreement with a landlord. Housing Office is merely a mediator in this process and different terms and conditions may be applicable. Since we are depending on the availability of rooms on the private market, we cannot guarantee that the available types of rooms always matches the demand. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to offer you a room as you requested.

Welcome aboard!

This year, we again have a special accommodation in our offer for our students! This new international student house named Hotel Boat Prinses Juliana concerns a hotel boat that will be located in the Eemskanaal (next to the Berlagebrug) near the city centre of Groningen. During the first semester, it is possible to rent a single room on this boat with a private bathroom and on the basis of full board. For 5 months you can live on the Prinses Juliana (from the 1st of September until the 31st of January), and after these 5 months we can move you to one of our other international student houses.

This is the perfect way to settle down here in Groningen since you do not have to worry about cooking and cleaning but instead you can focus all your attention on studying, making new friends and discovering the city! The perfect start for your time abroad! For more information click here.

Housing in Groningen
Important to know is that housing in Groningen is scarce and expensive. Housing Office is a non-profit organization. We have a cooperation with both the University of Groningen (RUG) and the Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Groningen (HG). This makes it possible to rent our rooms and to provide you with our service.

Almost fully booked
Dear candidates,
The rooms we offer on the private market are fully booked and also our international student houses are completely fully booked. If you still haven't registered with us yet please take into account that at this moment we only have rooms available on the hotelboat Prinses Juliana, which is available during the first semester. Should you plan to stay for the second semester as well, we will offer you a room in one of our other houses. Should you have paid, but we do not have any rooms available at all, we will refund your deposit and regsitration costs.The faster you pay the more likely it is that we will be able to offer you a room on the hotelboat! The rooms available on our hotelboat Prinses Juliana are the perfect way to start your stay in Groningen. 

Early arrival 2014
In August 2014 it will be possible to arrive earlier from Wednesday 20 August if your contract starts on the first of September 2014. For more information visit our section

KEI-week 2014
The KEI-week is the general introduction for all new students in Groningen and will take place from Monday 11 to Friday 15 August. A must for every new student in town! For more information visit our section 'news' or go to www.keiweek.nl/en.

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