Ground rules of registration 
In order to receive an offer from us for accommodation you need to apply for accommodation. You can fill in the form by using the following link application form.  At the application you can inform us about your first choice for accommodation, how much rent you can afford and about your preferences.
We maintain a minimum rental period of 5 months and a maximum of 12 months. If you have signed a contract of 5 months but you decide to stay longer you can prolong to a maximum of 12 months. 

Charge for registration
Our charge for registration is € 275,-. These costs are non-refundable. For this fee we will find you a suitable place to stay, we will book it for you and we will keep it available until you arrive. Please note that these costs can't be used for a first month of rent. Next to the registration costs we also ask you to pay € 375,- which will become the deposit of your room in an International Student House after accepting our reservation. In total we ask you to pay € 650,- on forehand. The deposit of € 375,- will be refunded to you at the end of your stay. We will refund the deposit by (international) bank transfer. It is not possible to receive your deposit back in cash.

Maximum of two offers
We will do our best to offer you accommodation according to your preferences. However if you are not satisfied with the offer we send you, you may refuse this offer. We will try to find you another offer of accommodation which you will have to accept. You will receive a maximum of two offers from us. If you refuse the first offer and you refuse our second offer as well it won't be possible anymore to accept the first offer. If you refuse both offers for (suitable) accommodation you will lose your registration costs of
€ 275,-. Your deposit of € 375,- will then be transferred back to you by (international) bank transfer.

Waiting list
We work on a 'first paid, first serve' basis. As soon as we receive your payment we will put you on the waiting list for a room. The later you register and pay, the less likely it is we can honour all of your preferences. It might be that we then offer you a shared room instead of a single room, a room that is more expensive or a room which is further away from your University or the city Centre. If you receive a 'second best' offer it means that your first choice was no longer available.

Refunding registration costs
If we cannot offer you any kind of accommodation, we will refund you your registration costs and deposit (total € 650,-) by (international) bank transfer. If you don't show up or you cancel your accommodation after you have accepted it, you will loose your deposit next to your registration costs. This amount will cover the loss of income for a room which we kept reserved for you.

Accommodation in Groningen is scarce, especially for the months of September and February. We therefore recommend you to register with us as early as you can, preferably three months before you arrive.